The optimization of purchases management goes beyond obtaining savings in acquisition prices. In every organization, public or private, there are opportunities for improvement in the area of purchases related to the improvement of processes, the exploitation of new technologies and the alignment of the purchasing structure with these processes and technology.

The procurement consultancy is oriented to the optimization of processes, structure and technology that support the acquisition activity of an organization.

Alliance GVC combines practical experience in purchasing management, proven methodologies for the redesign of processes and organizations, and solid technological capabilities. This combination allows us to quickly understand what the client's needs are, define customized solutions and implement them successfully.

Through our specifically created procurement tool AllianceGVC LcW® we are able to offer our clients procurement management tools based on the optimization of their costs and expenses, ensuring transparency in their procurement processes through reverse auctions and e-Procurement that eliminate, automate and simplify the processes associated with the purchases activity

Our services do not imply an implementation of systems in the client and it is accessible remotely through the web, from anywhere and at any time.

Our platform supports the management of the complete cycle of purchases, from the creation of a purchase order to the final reception of the products or services, minimizing the time and effort associated with those tasks..

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