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SOLPROX© Flexible, adaptable and intuitive management software

Introducing our computer system integrated by multiple tools that are individually used to execute administrative tasks to simplify operational, productive and customer service processes of an organization.
It is an essential tool for tasks such as, for example, the automation and management of decisions based on assumptions obtained by contracts, which saves time and improves the quality of the customer experience.
Another example in the use of SOLPROX© is the control of liquidity, essential to carry out a good management of the company, to be able to charge customers and pay suppliers on time and to meet business objectives.
Due the fact that SOLPROX© is configured 100% for the specific needs of our clients, it can take charge of the daily and continuous management of different scenarios and processes, allowing its inclusion, consultation, modification, merger or deletion, among other actions, through different communication devices: mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, consoles, etc.
SOLPROX© is capable of working through a downloadable APP through which its clients can interact and above all resolve requests using AI which makes decisions based on a pre-established configuration that is updated.

Advantages of having SOLPROX© in your organization

Improves the experience of your customers: By reducing response times All data in SOLPROX© is centralized, this means having availability for any need or query in real time, using artificial intelligence to influence priorities and efficiency in the processes.
Collaboration improvements: Suppliers, distributors and customers are integrated into the same information flow. This allows deadlines, needs and priorities to be set in advance.
Offers predictions: SOLPROX© reflects the optimization of decision-making processes, especially those that become relevant to any pre-configured situation. In this way, it benefits your subsequent management and quality of the final result.

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